Your Comprehensive Car Checklist for Driving Test Prep

The exterior inspection of your vehicle is an essential step in completing the checklist prior to you drive. This will help you to decide if the car can be used for the task. Before driving the check, ensure that you inspect the exterior.

Inspecting the tires, checking for lights, checking the mirrors, as well as reviewing the windshield and wipers

Self-car washes are equally essential as auto body service, seal coat and car coating. In any case, before you carry out an inspection of the car’s exterior be sure to verify that the vehicle has a valid license and is able to pass the safety test. Such issues are typically taken care of by the appropriate authorities in the event that the vehicle was located at a driving course. Importantly, you seek out higher than the marks.

When you’ve established that the car is safe for use, you’ll need to examine the exterior of the vehicle. The most important things to look at are the tires, lighting, the mirrors, wipers wiping, and the windshield. The tires of the vehicle must be in compliance with Road Traffic Acts requirements just on a simple examination. The treads for the tires should have the minimum of 1.6mm for motor vehicles. The tires must not have unnatural bulges, or questionable cuts.

It’s equally important to examine the general appearance of the tire and reliability. Thus, you must ensure that it is of proper pressure. In accordance with PPMC transport guidelines, vehicles should have a pressure of 32 – 35 psi. And 40 to 42 psi. For Sports Utility Vehicles and 50 – 60 psi in medium-sized trucks. Trucks larger than 50 ft could be capable of handling pressures up to 10 PSI. Space-saver tires cannot be used since they are not in compliance with the speed requirement.

The most important thing is your safety while driving. The transmission must be greater than 65% of the windscreen of your car and on its windows. Remember to take note of the wind


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