What to Expect at the Dentist – Free Health Videos



Check in at the reception counter when you arrive. Prior to your appointment the receptionist will present the patient with an appointment form. This usually includes your information regarding your contact, health history, insurance identification, and the section where you can list the concerns you may have regarding your dental health.

In the initial visit it’s commonplace to take an x-ray of your teeth. As the technician takes xrays then you’ll be asked to bite into a piece that is made of plastic. They will repeat this process several times in order to capture images from different angles.

Your dentist will inspect your teeth with some metal instruments. The team will note the number on each tooth and determine the most effective way to correct it if there’s any issue. The issues could require additional appointments.

A hygienist will clean and clean your teeth and. You may even get a free toothbrush.

The video below will provide additional details on what you can anticipate from your appointment.


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