What Does Fair and Impartial Treatment Entail? – Dan Park Law Group

To ensure justice is done effectively, it is essential that justice be employed. But what does fair and fair really mean? Let’s take a look at what the term “fair and fair” signifies.

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the way we look at people and circumstances. Every person is unique and has his particular moral values and opinions. They cannot be discussed during court. Judges have to swear an oath that prioritizes upholding Constitutional principles of the U.S. Constitution over any other personal values.

It means that one should refrain from letting emotions impact one’s judgment. Although it is rare that every person leaves the courtroom content with the result, being the judge is to take this into consideration and to not being too harsh or kind. Judges must be trusted by all in the courtroom. Infringing on this faith through discrimination would mean the risk of losing their position.

In the United States, equal and impartial treatment is essential because judges in this nation have an average life expectancy of. An individual judge, regardless of who’s in charge in Washington, can’t be affiliated with any political party. They have to take their own decisions based only on the Constitution.


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